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Hello, lovelies :)

Hey there, all of my lovely followers :)
I realize that I haven’t been posting on this account and I am most likely just going to completely end this one. Therefore you should go on and follow my lovely boyfriend and I on our blogs;
thesexpunks, gamegasms, and themusicmages. (We made joint blogs so theres definitely a variety of things that will be posted.)

We just started them so they aren’t super fantastic yet but they’ll soon be similar to the stuff I have already posted here.
So please please please spread the word if you like the blogs and we DO follow back and we will definitely reply to all messages/questions.

Thank you guys!
Have a good day/night. :)


"This band has worked our fucking asses off for 10 fucking years. We should play no matter what - sick, broken, we still played. Iv’e cried my eyes out before I’ve walked out on stage and still put on a performance that I was proud of. A lot of this comes back to my desire to inspire, particularly women, because when I was a kid and going to punk rock shows, there weren’t any girls on stage playing instruments that weren’t there as a pretty prop. Girls that weren’t afraid to get their make-up smeared and look sweaty.. To be fearless and make the stage their own. It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. To suddenly have that all taken away from me, and become ‘the wife of’, is without a doubt the most disappointing and fucking heartbreaking thing that could ever happen, because it’s exactly the opposite of what I stand for. It’s not only detrimental to me as a person, but the message that this fucking conveys to the girls that come to see us play is ‘You can work your ass off for ten years and you can be amazing, but at the end of the day you will simply be who you’re married to. Is this nineteen-$fucking-fifty-three?" - Lindsey Way 

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